October 14, 2011

Inserting Hope

A lot of my drawings are expressions of pain, sadness, fear, anger and humiliation... All of these are pretty unpleasant emotions. While in the DBT program, I tried to create something with more positive feelings, so I drew something from the "other side" of things. I figured this is a good time to post this picture since I'm struggling right now and I need to find some more hope in my life.

Love Penetrates

August 26, 2011
I tried to draw how love can pierce through dark shameful feelings and start to break them up. I didn't want to just draw something that was joyful and happy like I did before (here) - I wanted something more realistic. I drew something that shows both pleasant and unpleasant feelings. It's always this battle between them and the hope is that the positive will overcome the negative.

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