October 11, 2011

Art Therapy: Bonus!

A Thing I Made...

The Front

The Back

I have no idea what I was supposed to be making. I was all dissociativey when I walked in on art group and all I wanted was ice cream with Oreos, but, since art group was taking place in the kitchen, I couldn't eat so I did this instead. It has pockets. And it's labelled with different emotions. I don't know what to put in them though. Any ideas???


  1. I think all the ones you did in art therapy are really interesting because they are so different from your other works of art. Maybe this project was supposed to be a figurative way of helping you compartmentalize your negative feelings? By creating pockets for them you acknowledge that they exist, but are able to keep them separate and controlled to prevent them from mixing together and overwhelming you. Just my interpretation. Hope you finally got to eat your ice cream with oreos - keep up the good work!

  2. I like it - nicely put.

    And yes I did eventually get my ice cream! Made me feel much better :)