October 8, 2011

Art Therapy Part 1: Inpatient

While I was in the hospital I went to a few art therapy groups. The groups had a theme so each of these pieces is rushed and based on what we were told to think about - but they were helpful for me in that they brought emotions to the surface that needed to come out.

August 2, 2011

 Ta Da!

The theme for this collage was to find an object, image and place and put them together to create one idea. This represents me holding everything together in a difficult environment and pretending everything is OK, and yet I'm still judging myself and believing that it's not enough. The woman is holding up a hot iron in a uninhabitable environment. She is obviously struggling with it but still has a strained looking smile on her face. The cloud, which represents my inner critic, is looking disapprovingly down on her.

August 8, 2011
Three Doors

The theme for this was to draw three doors that represent different parts of yourself. I chose to draw three that represented my journey of healing. The first door is Denial: It is showing how up until last year I pretty much refused to accept that anything was wrong and that anything bad had happened. I wanted everything to be OK so I shut all of my memories and negative emotions behind a big heavy door that is bolted shut. The second door is Flooding: It is kind of what I'm dealing with now. I can't deny all of the feelings and memories any more and they are scary, uncontained and chaotic. It is more of a door frame because I don't feel in control of what's on the other side and it's leaking out towards me. The third door is Finding Hope: I wasn't exactly sure how to draw hope since I don't really have a huge amount of hope (I do have some). I kind of drew it as a bright pathway into lightness but it's smaller than the other two doors since I'm not sure how to get there.

Containment Box

August 8, 2011
After drawing the three doors I was pretty upset and feeling overwhelmed after explaining the Flooding door. The art therapist suggested that I draw some sort of container for the feelings so that I don't feel as overwhelmed by them. So I drew a combination of the three doors. The first door makes up the strong box in which to keep the feelings in the second door. However, there is a release valve so that they don't get too built up and I can deal with small amounts at a time. On the outside of the box, I used some of the colors that I used for the Hope door.

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