October 1, 2011

PTSD is Sneaky

Self-Destructive Serpent

August 19, 2011
PTSD likes to mess with your head and does it in super sneaky ways. So this is the snake of self-destruction because it disguises the fact that I'm feeling so depressed and sad because I'm actually very angry. The red and orange at the top represent the underlying anger. The snake represents feelings of worthlessness that make me direct the anger inwards. The blues and purples represent the sadness and depression that are a result of that. And the black represents the despair and the self-destructive urges that I get.

As a side note: Sometimes my HP home scanner doesn't like my drawings all that much and unfortunately this drawing was just too intense for it to handle...  Basically all of the top looks red when really there are a lot more oranges and yellow in it - but I guess this is the general idea of what it really looks like.

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