October 19, 2011


I've finally started getting around to reformatting my blog and changing things around so that it's more "me". So the background is now actually a small section of one of my drawings. (Bonus points to whoever can figure out which one!) Just be warned that I may still change some things around.

You also may have noticed that I am now Kate "Storm". I decided that a pseudonym would be a good idea since it looked a little weird authoring everything as just 'Kate S'. My roommate and I spent a good chunk of time picking it out. We finally settled on 'storm' because of how storms can represent emotional turbulence or chaos but at the end of a storm there is a sense of renewal. So I felt that it was fitting in that it relates to how dealing with PTSD is difficult but there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

It also coincided with a drawing that I had done a few days prior...


October 2, 2011
This one started with just the dark blue sky and black sea to represent pure depression and despair. It seemed to be missing something, so I added in the lightening to represent the destructiveness of depression. It didn't really turn out how I intended but I like how powerful it looks.

Hope you like the changes on the blog!

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