January 8, 2012

Art Therapy Round Two: Part 4

Me, the World, and People

December 16, 2011
The prompt for this was to draw your view of yourself, the world around you, and of the people around you. I chose to make a collage. At the bottom is the darker sides of all three. I have pictures of deep foundations and darkness to represent that everyone has deep secrets and the world has it's dark places where people do bad things. I put the words "Forget about" "Let's talk" to represent how I've dealt with my own secrets. For a long time I just tried to forget that they happened until finally I couldn't hold them in anymore, they started coming out and I needed to talk about them. In the middle, I put up pictures of the positive parts of the world. I used pictures of beautiful places and nature. I used a picture of a little girl to represent innocence in the world and my own innocence before the abuse. Above her, I have a picture of a candle to represent light and hope. In the top right, I used a picture of colors to represent my creativity. The butterflies represent my friends and family that surround me. They are colorful and interesting people and I consider them "The Best of the Best".

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