January 2, 2012

Art Therapy Round Two: Part 3

December 9, 2011

I wasn't in the mood for doing art this day so this picture turned out pretty shitty. The prompt was to draw what you consider sacred. I decided instead of drawing, to just write what I find very important to me. It's a little hard to see what the words are. The most important ones are "love of family and friends" and "support of therapy". These I wrote the largest because I find them to be the most important parts of my recovery. The smaller words say, "peace", "nature", "art", "connection" and "helping others". These things give meaning to my life so that is why they are also sacred to me.

December 23, 201

A Safe Place

The prompt for this was to draw somewhere that feels safe. I used crayons for this drawing and it's drawn on construction paper. I first drew a bubble around my place to protect it from everything that might try to get in. Every time I think of an imaginary place, the edges always scare me because I don't know who might come in, so I drew the bubble to give my place boundaries. Inside of the bubble is a forest, a field and a beach. These are all things I find beautiful and calming.

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