September 24, 2011


These were both drawn at the DBT partial program that I went to. I used a different type of oil pastel, which is why they look a little bit different. They were much softer and easier to blend, but there were less color choices.

Good vs Bad

August 12, 2011
 I had folded the paper in half for this one. Originally I only intended it to be the left half, but when I folded it on itself the color imprinted on the other half and I liked the effect it created. In the original drawing I was trying to create the battle in my head between positive thoughts and negative thoughts. The red, purple and black colors are representative of the self-destructive thoughts that I have and the brighter blue, green and yellow are representative of the positive DBT thoughts I was trying to keep in my head.

August 12, 2011
Emotion Fireworks

This drawing (which is on the opposite side of the right half of the drawing above) just represents how my thoughts are uncontained and my emotions go all over the place. It's almost like an explosion of thoughts and feelings sometimes.

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