February 14, 2012


The following drawing was mostly inspired by my recent dreams but also by other experiences as well as my drawing from Memories.


February 12, 2012
I drew this because I was having a lot of dreams lately where I ended up sobbing uncontrollably. I've been feeling sad during the day but I guess, because I wasn't releasing any of it by crying, it was coming out at night in my dreams. It's like flooding in my sleep. I used to flood sometimes because I rarely cried about things unless I was physically injured. (Flooding for me is experiencing overwhelming and intense emotions for a long time, usually until exhausted.) I haven't really had that recently because I'm able to cry about more things, so it's weird that the flooding was coming out again in my dreams. I felt even more alone than when I flood when I'm awake because I knew that I was dreaming and I had no one to turn to when I was asleep. It also didn't leave me feeling like I had any kind of real release of emotions so it didn't seem to have any benefit. Drawing this helped me release some of those feelings and then crying at CBT helped as well so I haven't been having any more dreams of sobbing.

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