February 21, 2012

Old and New

So I met my new therapist last week. She was nice and it went pretty well. I tried to not compare her to my old therapist but it was impossible not to.


February 18, 2012
I wanted to show how different they seem to me. The bottom is my old therapist. The swirliness and pinks represents the comfort and safety that I felt with her. I feel like we worked well together and good things came from the relationship. The bottom is separated from the top by a big green area to show how they feel like they are from different worlds. The top is my new therapist. Things are more angular because I'm unsure yet of what things are going to be like with her. It's at the uncomfortable and awkward stage because we don't know each other yet. I used bright colors though because I do hope that it will be a good relationship and that it will work out well.

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