August 30, 2011

In the Middle

In these two drawings I see myself as being stuck in the middle...


This represents feeling crushed between memories of abusers. There's too much pressure coming in from both sides and I'm cracking in the middle because I can't hold it together.

The Emptiness Between

I drew this one when I was very disconnected from my feelings. I was numb but I was also aware of the pain and sadness that I should have been feeling - again, being attacked from both sides. I tried to represent these feelings with fire and black rain but I was safe for a moment in the space between them. However, my therapist commented that it looks very lonely, which I guess is true of feeling empty.


  1. crushed really hit home for me, i was sandwiched between different trauma events and abusers and i definitely felt crushed. thanks for sharing your artwork.. i'm not as artistic but i have related to many of these pictures.

  2. Thanks for looking through my artwork - I'm glad and sad at the same time that you were able to relate to some of it. But I hope that it helped a little. It helps me to know that others can relate to it and that I'm not alone.