August 27, 2011

Visualizing PTSD Within Myself


So this is the FIRST pastel drawing about PTSD that I ever did. I had no idea where to even start so I kind of just went all over the place. I was overwhelmed at the time, which I think is fairly evident in the drawing. Got the brown confusing chaos in the corner, the swirly blue/green/black depression next to it, and all that fiery pain and anger at the top.

Then I went through a bunch of internal exploration in a DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) program and refined my general visualization of what PTSD is...

PTSD Macrophages

August 22, 2011
Now I've got all of these gross green globs of shame in the middle of the crazy spiked anger in a soup of blue and purple sadness. In the DBT program, a fellow patient suggested that they looked like macrophages, which seems perfect since macrophages are cells that eat pathogens as an immune response in the body. Kinda like PTSD is the brain's immune response to something bad happening.

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