July 21, 2012


I am actually planning on writing another post about group termination because so much came out of it, but for now I thought I would post some art (since this is supposed to be an art blog) to make up for the lack of it yesterday!

Also, I just realized something yesterday that is actually pretty cool. When I first created this blog, the timing was partly due to the fact that I was stuck inside because of a hurricane. Then, two months later, I decided to give myself a pseudonym for a last name, which turned out to be 'Storm'! I wonder if there was some subconscious thinking going on there when I chose the name... but maybe it's just an interesting coincidence! 

Another cool fact: My blog pageview count as of writing this is 2345! Consecutive numbers!

Color Explosion

July 7, 2012
This picture looks far more pretty than what it represents. I drew this picture based on a memory of when something that happened hurt so much that I started seeing explosions and designs of color. It was either from the pain or because I was closing my eyes so tightly - but either way the colors helped me dissociate from what was happening by giving me something to focus on. I guess it also kind of shows how colors have always been helpful to me: at that time they were a distraction for me and now they are helping me heal!

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