March 5, 2012

Happy Amoeba!

I have been feeling a lot more positive this past half week. I got to visit my brother over the weekend and it really helped me get unstuck from my head. I also just got off all of my sleep medications, and even though I didn't really sleep all that well last night, I still feel relieved that I'm not on 4 different sleep medicines anymore... Hopefully I'll get some decent sleep tonight. Since I'm not feeling so depressed and I'm feeling lighter, I'm going to post something that my roommate thinks looks like a happy amoeba...


February 21, 2012
I drew this when I was feeling depressed because I wanted to draw something more positive than how I was feeling. I've been trying to think of all of the recent changes in my life as positive so this drawing is supposed to represent a fresh start. It represents optimism about the new things in my life. Even though I wasn't feeling that way when I drew it - it represents how I'm feeling right now.