March 8, 2012

Caving Again

Just another cave. On this drawing I figured out that rubbing the drawing with tissue creates a cool effect so I pretty much used it on everything.

Dark Cave

March 1, 2012
This is yet another depiction of my depression/PTSD cave. This time it has sharp uncomfortable rocks on the ground. The ceiling is covered in dank stalactites. The air is reddish black to represent how suffocating and scary it is in the cave.


  1. Kate, you are a truly talented artist! I wanted to thank you for sharing your art. I especially can relate to this painting...the sinking, depressed feeling of PTSD. You depict it so well. I wanted to share with you a website I came across, , that talks about dealing with PTSD. I hope this is helpful for you. Keep up the great painting!

    1. Thanks Helan! I appreciate the website. Thanks for looking at my drawings!