December 24, 2011

Art Therapy Round Two: Part 1

I've been doing a lot of art therapy because of my hospitalization and the program I'm in, so I'm doing another series of art therapy posts.

November 4, 2011
House on Fire

I don't like this picture. The theme of this was to draw yourself as a building. I drew myself as a house without a door but with a fancy window to look out of, but no one can see in. The fancy window and bright yellow color were supposed to represent the happy front that I put on for other people. The foundations are dilapidated with holes, and you can see the base of flames down there. This represents my abuse history from my childhood affecting my whole life and causing problems. The roof is finally starting to burn, making some of my problems visible to others. But the lack of a door makes it hard for me to either escape or let people in to help. This picture doesn't have any of the hope that I've been trying to insert into my more recent pictures, so it's not my favorite picture.

November 18, 2011
Positive and Negative

This drawing is supposed to show both the positive and negative aspects of my healing. Its drawn with crayons, which aren't as fun as pastels, but they didn't have any pastels. At the bottom I drew the waves of negative feelings that I still have. Anger and pain are at the top, shame and guilt in the middle, and depression underlying everything at the bottom. In the top half of the drawing I drew sunshine for hope and the blue sky represents determination. The red lines represent my support, including therapy and family and friends. The colors between the lines represent how art helps me deal with emotions. Under the bottom red line is my resilience and strength, which helps me deal with some of the emotions.

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