January 26, 2013



November 25, 2012
This drawing is from the series where I was trying to portray feelings of shame. This drawing is simply showing a body with filth covering the areas that I feel are defiled and disgusting on my own body because of what happened. I put the greenish color over the mouth, hands, and female areas. I also put tape over the mouth to represent how I felt silenced by the shame. The hole in place of a belly button represents the damaged feeling; feeling like a part of me died and rotted away. The full drawing actually has the whole head and face but I hate seeing the eyes on it so much that I couldn't post it here. I'm not sure what exactly it is about the eyes, but maybe they make me identify with it too much and that makes it too humiliating to share with people.


  1. Oh I can feel the pain in this drawing. Well done for posting it!! I hope drawing it out has helped a little.

    I actually did one similar over the christmas break while I was off work, except no head. It hurt...a lot... but i needed to.


    1. Thank you - it was definitely hard to post... but yes it did help drawing it. And it's been good fodder for therapy sessions - my therapist keeps bringing it into conversations!

      I almost did this one headless too, but it seemed too important for me to include the mouth with the tape over it. I'm glad drawing something similar helped you too.