November 27, 2012

Red Is For...

I finally scanned in some new artwork to share. I've been struggling a bit with feelings of anger and shame recently. It's been especially hard because of the holidays, which means too much time for me to think, staying in the room I grew up in where some abuse took place, and thinking about how alone I felt as a child at this time of year when I wanted to just tell someone what was happening but was too afraid to. It's strange because there's so much about this time of year that's hard for me, but it's still my favorite holiday season. I absolutely love everything about Christmas, so I guess maybe next I'll have to draw something uplifting about it.

These first two drawings are expressing some of the anger that I was feeling last week.


November 2012
This one felt good to draw. I wasn't trying to be careful while I was doing it - I just scribbled a bunch of black lines and then drew fiery colors around them. It kind of helped relax me while getting some of the anger out at the same time.

November 24, 2012

This drawing was more of an experiment and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I wanted to try to mix the red and the blue in an interesting way so I drew an angry red sea, but I didn't really plan ahead with everything so when I decided to add some yellow in, there were already smudges everywhere that made the yellow hard to work with. I got really frustrated with it and ended up giving up on trying to make it look nice. I called it "Primary" because I realized after I finished that I used only primary colors, and it also looks pretty simple.

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