May 18, 2012

Thoughts About Medication

I'm really droppin' the ball here on posting... and this post isn't even going to include artwork! Oh no!! I do have some - I just haven't scanned anything into my computer yet. Laziness I guess. But I am at work, nothing to do, so I have decided to post something.

I have been pretty stable. Which feels kind of weird. I'm still sort of waiting for it to fall apart... but it isn't! I think it really really helped when I got off most of the million medications I was on just a few months ago. I am all for treating mental health issues with medications - I think it can be extremely helpful - however my treatment team and I believe that I was being over-medicated and it was having the opposite effect of what it was supposed to be doing. SO, I would encourage anyone who feels like they are maybe on too many medications to talk to their doctor about it. Maybe you're on the right meds for you, maybe you're not, but either way talking to your doctor isn't going to hurt. For a while I was just going along with everything I was told to take, without questioning it, because I just wanted to feel better and I felt like the more the better... NOT TRUE. I now have a nurse practitioner who is really great and I feel like she's being careful and really thinking about what medications I should be on and she's listening to what I have to say. I don't feel like I'm being rushed while I'm in her office and I don't feel like I'm disappointing her when something isn't working (a past problem). She also communicates with both my general practitioner and my therapist and I have to admit that it's been pretty helpful and has increased my safety in a couple situations. 

My primary therapist, CBT/skills therapist and nurse practitioner are all proud of my progress and I guess I am too. I'm definitely not saying that I'm all better - but I haven't felt this OK or in control in a while and it feels really good. Yay!

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