April 27, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I made a list of 25 things that make me really happy. I'm talking like, exhiliratingly happy. Like when you get that bubbly feeling that starts in your stomach and turns into a giggle when you're really excited about something.

25 Things That Make Me Super Happy

1. The smell when it first starts raining on a warm day.
2. Getting into clean pajamas and snuggling into bed with freshly laundered sheets.
3. Joking around with my brother.
4. The smell of wood fires.
5. Listening to pouring rain while falling asleep.
6. Being a secret dork with my roommate.
7. The quiet feeling outside when it's snowing a lot.
8. When my mom does something nice for me just because.
9. Sitting on dunes at dusk and listening to the ocean.
10. Being really goofy with my coworker.
11. Playing with dogs.
12. Knowing that my dad is proud of me.
13. Skipping outside or down a really long hallway.
14. Having chicken ramen noodle soup with chunks of cheese in it when I'm craving comfort food. (I know it's weird...)
15. Going out for coffee with two of my friends.
16. Coming up with something witty to say.
17. Finding someone new that I enjoy being around.
18. Reading a really good book.
19. Rehashing a funny drunken night with college friends.
20. The beginning of spring when it starts getting warm and the first trees bloom.
21. Walking through the woods in the fall.
22. Running in the rain.
23. Going to the movies with my family.
24. The feeling on Christmas morning before anyone has opened any gifts.
25. Talking in a group and realizing that you're not alone in how you feel.


  1. I wish I could "like" this but it's not facebook! Also I can't believe you exposed our little secret lol. I'm glad that you've been doing better lately! :)