April 28, 2013


OK. Continuing on from before.... (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Even though my high school friend's article was really triggering for me, it was also very empowering. She was so brave to talk about her sexual assault like that. She wrote about it under her own name and shared it with the social networking world. Reading about her strength in going through what she did and then her seeing her strength in sharing it was inspiring. When she came up with the idea to start a blog for survivors to share their stories, I decided to write part of my own story and I submitted it to be posted on that blog.

I started thinking about what I wanted to write and then I couldn't sleep until I had written it all down. I'm kind of proud of how the piece turned out. I didn't make it overly graphic and I shared enough of my story to make some important points about the effects of abuse, and at the same time I felt some catharsis from writing it down. I shared it with my therapists and with a couple friends and they were all very supportive and said that it was well written. After I shared it with them, I felt a little bit less vulnerable so I decided to share it with my brother. Clearly I knew it would be hard for him to read, but I wasn't expecting him to be unable to read it. 

I'm not angry with him for not being able to read it - he tried, he got through half of it - but it was disappointing and I'm angry with the circumstances. It's awesome to be able to share my story with my friends and my therapists. The disappointment comes from wishing that I could share some of my burden with my family, but those are the people who find it the hardest to do that because they care the most and don't want to see me hurting. So I know that he's not being unsupportive by not reading it because he's supportive in other ways, but I was sad that people did things to me that were so awful that I can't talk about them with my brother... I hate that they even managed to take that away from me. And then there's more anger that comes from seeing that other people have the choice to not look at my story, whereas I have no choice - I had no say when I was going through it and the memories are part of who I am - I have to look at my story. Despite my anger at life, I'm glad that my brother has that choice because I know how much it sucks when you aren't allowed to decide for yourself what to do.

This was a really hard post to write so I'm going to go do fun and relaxing things now. But I'll end with a little shout out to my brother - love ya bro! 


  1. Very brave to share your story! I know you have mentioned on here before that you won't talk about what happened, but maybe one day you will. And I will be here to support you if you choose to publish that piece on here.

    That last paragraph was hard for me to read. You are exactly right... we didn't have a choice, we have to 'read' this story over and over again. We have to look at it...that really sucks...


    1. I think what I meant when I said that before was that I wasn't going to talk about what happened on the blog because to me this blog is more about sharing my current feelings and experiences rather than the past. I do talk about what happened in therapy, which I think is what keeps me sane - if I didn't let it out somewhere I would explode! But it's the first time I've shared a bunch of details of what happened with people I know outside of therapy. I have been considering posting a link to piece I wrote whenever it gets published on the other blog... but I haven't decided yet. Thank you for your support though, whether I post the link or not, I appreciate it!