October 22, 2012

Good News!

First piece of good news - I have a guest article about art and trauma on Michele Rosenthal's PTSD website and blog: http://healmyptsd.com/2012/10/healing-art.html

Aaand  second piece of good news (with excellent timing in view of the first one) - I started drawing again!!

Desperate Pain

October 20, 2012
This drawing was a release of some of the strong emotions that I have been experiencing after some of my memories reintegrated with the feelings associated with them. Many of the memories I have are detached from many of the overwhelmingly strong emotions that I experienced when they were happening. Through various coping mechanisms, I managed to avoid feeling anything too scary for me, either at the time or after the fact. Though this was a good survival mechanism for a child, it turned into unhealthy coping and now it only does me harm. So even though it doesn't feel very good right now, it's actually a positive thing that I've started to feel the full extent of all of the fear, pain and helplessness associated with some of the memories. But I definitely needed a way to get some of it out of my head, so I'm glad that I finally listened to my therapist and picked up my pastels again.


  1. I love that website! Congratulations!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I have come to really appreciate the amount of support and suggestions for continued healing online. I recently discovered your Blog from HealMyPTSD. I too have found art to be helpful as I have been on my recovery journey. Thanks for sharing YOU! Your courage is an inspiration!


    1. Thank you, Sunny! I'm so glad that you've found art to be helpful as well!!
      You're right, there is a lot of support that can be found online - there are so many blogs, support group sites, etc with so many great people. It's really amazing how much you can find online!
      Keep art-ing :)